Custom Erasure Coding Scheme – Cloudian Hyperstore

For certain installations of Cloudian, one would want to enable specific Erasure Coding schemes that are not enabled by default in Cloudian Hyperstore.

In my case, I wanted to add the 3+2 scheme (requiring 5 nodes in the cluster).

Even if this is a customizable setting within Hyperstore, it is absolutely advisable to discuss the matter with your local Cloudian technical representative to ensure that you will end up with a supported configuration. Worst case scenario, you end up creating an Erasure Coding scheme that absolutely should not be put in production – and is not supported by the vendor at all. Please do not commit any changes based on this guide without discussing it with Cloudian first.

Now, lets get down to how it’s actually done.

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Removing stuck task – Running Nutanix AHV

I happened to run into a problem where one of my Nutanix tasks refreshing the Life Cycle Management inventory just stopped progressing.

All the sub-tasks had either completed or failed but the parent task was still stuck as a “running” task; not progressing at all.
To make sure it actually was stuck, I gave it plenty of time to either finish or time-out but that never happened. Not being in a hurry, I let it run for more than a week before I started digging into how to actually remove the task.

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